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Leaf Mini Interact Mini+ Engage Worldwide Plus Ativa

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(There are a number of lookalikes marketed under other brands, but beware they are not compatible with our genuine ReplyŽ audience response systems) Infowhyse offers a variety of ReplyŽ keypads and base stations to meet virtually any need and any budget.


The new budget range from ReplyŽ are built in Asia and designed to provide the user with fast, reliable and secure systems which are quick to set up, easy to use and that provide high level functionality at the lowest possible cost.

  • ReplyŽ Interact our new system provides for a small form keypad with LCD with fast response times and good polling range at a cost less than most that do not have an LCD.

  • ReplyŽ Engage is our newest audience voting keypad with high functionality, super speed and a great polling range at a remarkably low cost.


The ReplyŽ Prime range incorporate the interactive meeting industry's leading wireless (RF) technology for audience response - ReplyŽ. Patented wireless communication features found only in ReplyŽ technology products assure fast, reliable, and secure data collection in large groups. Also, ReplyŽ systems are quick to set up, remarkably easy to use and rugged, and surprisingly affordable to own.

  • ReplyŽ Leaf The new system will provide faster response times and greater polling range without the expense of replacement batteries — ever!
  • ReplyŽ Mini is a miniaturized version of the popular ReplyŽ (Plus) interactive meeting keypad with a simple 5 button input format.
  • ReplyŽ Mini+ is a miniaturized version of the popular ReplyŽ Plus professional audience response keypad.
  • ReplyŽ Worldwide is robust seven segment display keypad that became the workhorse of the audience response industry.
  • ReplyŽ Plus combines some of the more popular features found in ReplyŽ IQ and ReplyŽ (Worldwide) systems.
  • ReplyŽ Ativa is our newest audience voting keypad Ž released in 2010 as a replacement for the ReplyŽ IQ system.

So which one do you choose, or how can we help you build your idea?

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For information about EdiVote 100 (The new free software for ReplyŽ audience response systems) click here.

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