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[Technology] Some of your products contain Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion batteries. When shipping them, what are the US and international regulations that apply?

There has been a lot of press recently concerning the transport of electronics equipment powered by lithium batteries. There have also been a lot of misconceptions as a result. Allow us to clarify what is applicable (and not) to any products we build that are powered by lithium batteries.

Infowhyse only uses batteries that meet the requirements that exempt our products from being labeled as Class 9 Dangerous Goods. The criteria used to determine this exemption is based on the lithium content contained in each battery.

The following documents detail what is applicable to Reply Mini, Reply Mini+, and Reply Ativa. While their lithium content is well below the threshold for the exemption, there may or may not be special packaging requirements for these products depending on your location and choice of freight forwarder. Please consult these documents for further information:

Shipping instructions for Reply Mini and Reply Mini+

Shipping instructions for Reply Ativa

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