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[Sales and Rentals] How do you sell your products?

Reply® systems are delivered to end users by Infowhyse's resellers. There are several kinds of resellers: OEMs, Master Dealers, Value Added Resellers (VARs), and Factory Authorized Resellers (FARs).

OEMs and Master Dealers: These are resellers that either contract with Infowhyse to design and produce an original product or purchase a high annual volume of systems for mass distribution. These resellers have their own networks of distributors, dealers, and/or trade affiliates.

VAR: This type of reseller regularly sells wireless audience response products by ‘adding’ commercial-quality, Reply®-compliant software applications they develop. Additionally, this type of reseller has been in the industry several years providing interactive training, research, and presentation services. Reply® products simply add additional value to the software applications and interactive services these dealers have been providing.

FAR: This type of Dealer is generally an established audio-visual company with significant regional presence. They are positioned across and serve a wide variety of markets, and the products and services they sell are significantly enhanced through the addition of Reply® systems. FARs regularly ‘bundle’ Reply® products with A/V equipment. Oftentimes, FARs have relationships with other regional audio-visual houses, providing those companies access to our products that they would not normally receive.

Systems Integrators, Contractors, Consultants: Infowhyse generally does not qualify these types of resellers or specifiers for a factory-direct relationship. That's because a factory relationship requires a commitment to routinely specify and sell our products. Instead, these occasional resellers are encouraged to contact Master Dealers, VARs, or FARs to establish a business-to-business relationship (which includes negotiating whatever discounted pricing is reasonable compensation for delivering/facilitating a specific business opportunity). In many instances, prospective resellers who partner with authorized Infowhyse resellers to sell and rent discover a very profitable business 'synergy'.

If you have any questions about the capability of the company or individual attempting to sell you one of our systems, please contact us.

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